Here you can find an overview of upcoming features in Accutics. 

Accutics releases new features on a continuous basis. Deployed features will be announced in the Release Notes at a three-week or monthly interval. In the meantime, you can get an overview of what is coming next from the table below. Please, check this regularly to keep up-to-date. 



Rollout starts

Automatic transformation of import values based on rules

Dataset options and text values are automatically transformed to comply with letter case and replacement rules upon import. 

May, 2024

Export datasets in Connectors

Automatically export datasets and their dependencies to a data warehouse with a Connector.

May, 2024

Bulk generate short URLs

Generate short URLs for multiple records at once.

Jun, 2024

Configure short URL domains

Set up your own short URL domains directly in the UI.

Jun, 2024

Open endpoints

Open endpoints will be available for getting options for a dataset or allowed options for a dependency variant for API users. More endpoints will follow.

Jun, 2024

Paste options from your clipboard to a dataset

Work faster by pasting options from your clipboard directly into the UI when adding new options to a dataset or setting up a dependency variant.

Jul, 2024

Customize views

Save frequently applied filters and column selection in the records table as a view you can share with other users.

Aug, 2024